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This is a group for North Lincolnshire residents looking to help each other out during the Covid-19/coronavirus pandemic. We have networks over Facebook that are looking to help people access food, complete errandsĀ  and provide accurate and timely information on the local picture, particularly those who are elderly, disabled and/or immunocompromised.

All group members are volunteers within the community and the group operates on a basis of compassion, respect and mutual aid. Our group is part of a national network aiming to ensure no one is left isolated due to the current pandemic. All volunteers are individuals who are wanting to support at this time and we act as a facility to support this. We are not an organisation. The only requirements to join are compassion, a genuine desire to help the community and a common sense approach to hygiene and social distancing whilst helping others. We are an inclusive group and welcome EVERYONE from any walk of life. Any action, however small, is appreciated, valued and can make a real difference!